Victoria Sielaff

“Since I started the Ph.D. program at the Assembly of God Theological Seminary, I have grown into a research practitioner in the field of intercultural studies. While the curriculum is top-notch, most of my success is a result of the professors at AGTS. They are not just scholars in their field, but also veterans of some of the cutting-edge ministries across the world as well. My professors can relate very well to the experiences of today’s students while challenging further growth in Godly character, research, and ministry practices. I love going to classes because the students come from across the world and continue to inspire my pursuit in reaching out to others who are different from my culture. It is a great feeling to be confident in leading a community of churches to reach out to the new cultures in our communities. The program is flexible and is ideally arranged for those with busy schedules making it possible to be a student, wife, mom, and teacher.”