2021 Summer Institutes

Summer Institute 2021
Course Fees & Information

Tuition Costs (Full payment required by Mon, June 28, 2021)

Full Credit: $1,695.00 per course, plus applicable fees

  • 3 Credits, AGTS Admission Required
  • Current AGTS Student, For Credit Registration

Seminar: $425.00 per person, per course

  • Non-Credit, No AGTS Admission Required
  • Current AGTS Student, Audit Course Registration
  • AGTS Alumni are eligible for one free 3-hour course audit per year. Audit only covers tuition for one course.

Appointed AGWM/AGUSM: $225.00 per person, per course

  • Other Commissioning Body (i.e. IMB) or Missionaries Only (Non-Credit, No AGTS Admission Required)
  • Visiting Student and Seminar Only Registration
  • AGTS Alumni Registration
  • AGWM/AGUSM New Missionary Registration (no experience or less than 364 days on the mission field)
  • AGWM/AGUSM Veteran Missionary Registration (at least 364 days of appointment)