2021 Summer Institutes

July 6th – 10th & 12th – 16th

Summer Institute for Islamic Studies

The Summer Institute for Islamic Studies provides a two-week training designed to demystify Islam and provide you with the practical knowledge and theological understanding necessary to effectively engage Muslims. The professors have all served as missionaries in Muslim-majority nations and have practical insights into ministry to Muslims. As experts in this field, they bring years of practical ministry with Muslims into the classroom

July 6th – 10th

Summer Institute for Buddhist Studies

The Summer Institute for Buddhist Studies will begin with the basics about Buddhism, but will primarily focus on how to minister within a Buddhist context, and among Buddhists in other contexts. This course will include insights from missionaries who have worked within Buddhist contexts, and testimonies from Christians with Buddhist backgrounds. 

July 2nd – 3rd

Business as Missions

As Dallas Willard once said, “Business is a primary moving force of the love of God in human history.” Business, done well, is glorifying to God. Period. There is an intrinsic power in business to create dignified jobs, to multiply resources through creativity and hard work, to provide for families and communities, to push forward innovation, and, in short, to do good in society. This conference will give you vision and clarity on how to accomplish these things.

Course Fees & Information

(Full payment required by Monday, June 28, 2021)

Full Credit

$1,695.00/per course, plus applicable fees

  • 3 Credits, AGTS Admission Required
  • Current AGTS Student, For Credit Registration


$425.00/per person, per course

  • Non-Credit, No AGTS Admission Required
  • Current AGTS Student, Audit Course Registration
  • AGTS Alumni are eligible for one free 3-hour course audit per year. Audit only covers tuition for one course.

Appointed AGWM/AGUSM

$225.00/per person, per course

  • Other Commissioning Body (i.e. IMB) or Missionaries Only (Non-Credit, No AGTS Admission Required)
  • Visiting Student and Seminar Only Registration
  • AGTS Alumni Registration
  • AGWM/AGUSM New Missionary Registration (no experience or less than 364 days on the mission field)
  • AGWM/AGUSM Veteran Missionary Registration (at least 364 days of appointment)