AGTS Website Linkage Disclaimer

Links to the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary (AGTS) website may be found on other web sites that are not operated by AGTS or its affiliates. The AGTS is not responsible for the content or privacy practices of these third party web sites.

In turn, the AGTS web site itself may link to web sites that may or may not be affiliated with AGTS. Visitors to those web sites should contact the site’s owner for questions regarding content, privacy policies and practices of those web sites.

Linking your website to our pages:

We encourage you to link to our pages. However, we ask that you abide by the following guidelines when doing so:

  • You may not infer or imply that AGTS sponsors or in any way approves of your site or any other site.
  • You may not frame, display, or alter any material from our web sites, or our web pages directly, in any way that obscures our identification, banners or site navigation. Framing does not allow users to bookmark the framed page. Also, some sites use frames to present content belonging to another site as if it was their own. We feel this is confusing to users and jeopardizes the integrity of our content. The presentation of the material linked to must make it readily apparent that the content is the property of AGTS or its affiliates.
  • You may not duplicate content (including graphics and/or photos) from this web site without express written permission of AGTS.

How to link to our website without "losing" your website visitors:

You can send your web site visitors to any AGTS page without them losing contact with you by using a combination of an “Alert” and a NEW BROWSER WINDOW. Your link launches an alert window that advises the user you are sending them to another site and instructs them to close the new window to return to your site. Your site stays open in its original browser window. The code for such a link would appear as follows.

<a href=”” target=”_blank” onClick=’alert(“We are sending you to Assemblies of God Theological Seminary web site for this information. To return here, simply close the browser window.”)’>Assemblies of God Theological Seminary</a>

Of course, you could substitute the HREF and alert message to meet your needs.Requesting the AGTS web site to link to your web site.

Ministries and organizations wanting the AGTS web site to link to their web site need to contact the Public Relations Office (1-800-467-2487, 417-268-1024,