Master of Pastoral Leadership

The Master of Pastoral Leadership (MPL) is an in-service, hybrid degree that allows people in full-time ministry to complete a master’s degree in as little as two years*, without having to relocate.

It is a professional studies degree designed to provide advanced training for men and women who have been in vocational ministry for at least five years and want to enhance their ministry leadership skills.

The MPL incorporates online and face-to-face learning experiences. It will require just six visits to the Springfield campus over the course of two years.

Course Delivery System

Courses in the MPL will utilize face-to-face and online learning systems to deliver two courses (6 credits) each semester.

Participants will come to the Springfield campus at the beginning of each semester (Fall, Spring, Summer) for a one-week face-to-face learning experience. The remainder of the course will be completed online. The week will be divided into two 20-hour segments, one for each course.

The online portions of these courses extend to the end of the semester and will maximize student interaction with the course instructor and classmates.

Program Components

The MPL is a 48-credit master’s degree that may be reduced to 36 credits of study based on the participants’ undergraduate degrees and the extent of their preaching and teaching ministries.

In an effort to provide a more complete approach to pastoral leadership development, the MPL program has been designed around the following four areas:

Biblical Foundations*

Essential courses that provide participants with the basic skills needed to interpret and expound the Word of God

Healthy Ministries

Contextually-sensitive investigations of the participants’ local ministry settings with a view toward enhancing its health and improving its effectiveness

Leadership Essentials

Learning experiences that define the heart of Pentecostal leadership and enhance the skills associated with leading Spirit-empowered ministries

Dynamic Communications

Practical engagement with the tasks of preaching and teaching to refine and improve the skills that make them more effective

*A combination of appropriate undergraduate credits and the student’s prior preaching and teaching ministry will allow participants to complete the degree in two years (36 credits). Without this advanced standing, the program requires 48 credits.

Course Rotation

Spring 2017:
(January 9–13)
PTH 513 Effective Preaching in the Old Testament
PTH 521 Being and Building a Spirit-Led Community
Summer 2017:  
(May 8–12)
PTH 516 Contextualizing the Global and Local Mission of the Church
PTH 517 Engaging Ethical and Social Issues in the 21st Century
Fall 2017:
(August 21-25)
PTH 514 Effective Preaching in the New Testament
PTH 650 Building a Disciple-Making MinistryNOTE: The following course is only for students completing the programPTH 556 Field Education Research Project
Spring 2018:

(January 8-12)

PTH 622 Communicating Christian Faith in a Pluralistic Society

RES 531 Theological Research and Writing

Summer 2018:

(May 7-11)

PTH 512 Caring for the Congregation

PTH 511 Leading the Congregation to Health and Growth

Fall 2018:

(August 27-31)

PTH 522 Identity and Calling of the Spiritual Leader

PTH 513 Effective Preaching in the Old Testament

Admission Requirements

Academic: Bachelor’s degree or its equivalent from an approved college (Bible-related undergraduate credit is required if the participant wishes to finish the program in two years*)

Experience: Five years of ministry experience and currently in ministry

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Travel and Housing

Participants are responsible for their own travel, meals and housing and may choose from numerous hotels near campus. AGTS will provide several lunches during classes. In the fall and spring semesters, the university has a full-service cafeteria providing low-cost buffet style meals three times a day.

Financial Aid

Program participants are eligible for financial aid as a part-time student. Loan amounts vary based upon the total costs of the program in relation to income. Contact Bryan Hawk, AGTS financial aid counselor, for more information ( or 1-800-EVANGEL ext.7512).

Program Fees

The 2017-2018 tuition is $565 per credit, plus fees (See the AGTS Catalog for specific costs). The estimated cost for textbooks and personal assessment instruments over the 2-year program is an additional $1,000.