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Following are some of the helpful features and tools can be located on your student portal:

  • Personal Calendar—add your own calendar items.
  • Financial Aid—loans, scholarships (etc.) that you have received.
  • Billing—your account as it stands with AGTS and all your ledger items
  • Your Grades
  • Personal Information—shows you what we have on file for your address and allows you to notify us of changes.

Doctor of Ministry Schedule and Syllabi

FALL 2019
October 14-18PTH 901
Core 1
Renewing the Spiritual Leader
C. Tennant40
October 14-18PTH 905
Core 4
Leading Christian Organizations
J. Rion39
October 14-18PTH 939Sp. Stu: Building Effective Teams
C. Railey30-38
OnlinePTH 971Strategic Planning: Equipping Christian Strategists with Effective Foresight
J. Vick30-39
October 9-12PTH 939Sp. Stu.: Pastoral Care (AACC Conference-Based Course)A. Oleson30-38
October 21-25PTH 906Project Design
L. Olena31-34
February 24-28PTH 902
Core 2
Biblical Theology of Ministry
D. Oss40
February 24-28PTH 962Conflict ManagementR. Tow34-39
ONLINEPTH 981Preaching that ConnectsT. Gilligan34-39
March 18-21PTH 939Sp. Stu.: Pentecostal Biblical Theology (SPS Conference-Based Course)L. Olena34-39