Summer Institute for Islamic Studies

Online July 6 - 17, 2020

AGTS’s Center for Islamic Studies will host the eleventh Summer Institute for Islamic Studies July 2020 featuring four courses on Islam and ministering to Muslims. AGTS hosts one of the largest faculty in Islamic Studies of any seminary in the United States.

Summer Institute For Islamic Studies 2020
Summer Institute For Islamic Studies July 2020

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Let AGTS and Global Initiative: Reaching Muslim Peoples teach you to relate to and minister to Muslims. These courses are designed for:

  • U.S. and world missionaries serving in areas with high concentrations of Muslims
  • Chaplains—military and institutional
  • Ministers and people in local churches with Muslims in their communities

Individuals may wish to:

  • Take courses in Islamic Studies for credit at the graduate or undergraduate level
  • Take courses for an Academic Audit
  • Take courses as seminars

Course Format & Location

Due to travel limitations caused by COVID-19, the 2020 Institute will be fully online. Courses can be taken in the comfort of your own home or office.


Our faculty for Islamic Studies includes doctorates and nearly 300 years of field experience in Muslim countries. Guest lecturers will also be invited to teach.

“If you desire to reach out to Muslims in your current context or if God has called you to missions in a Muslim context, the Summer Institute for Islamic Studies will provide the tools you need.  We pray that  God will use this training to prepare you to minister to Muslims—because every Muslim needs to know the Truth about Jesus!  .”

—Rev. Mark Brink, Director, Global Initiative: Reaching Muslim Peoples.

Islamic Studies Concentration

A concentration can be completed within the following AGTS degree programs by taking four courses (12 credits) in Islamic studies.

  • Master of Arts in Intercultural Studies
  • Master of Divinity
  • Doctor of Ministry


Courses are three credits each. Two courses can be taken each week. A brief summary of the basic beliefs and practices of orthodox Islam will be given in the first lecture of each course. Each student should prepare the pre-class work in order to make class time more valuable. The course syllabi will be listed on-line at the AGTS website: Here


Please nom te: All times are Central Standard Time (CST).

July 6-10:
Dr. Fred Farrokh 8 a.m. – noon MCC 545 Engaging Islam: An Introduction Syllabus
Ms. Donna Krstulovich 1 p.m. – 5 p.m. MCC 552 Women in Islam Syllabus
July 13-17:
Dr. Jim Bennett 8 a.m. – noon MHT 649 Christian-Muslim Theological Issues Syllabus
Dr. Tommy Hodum 1 p.m. – 5 p.m. MCC 553 Islam in the US Syllabus

“I had a wonderful experience at the Summer Institute for Islamic Studies. I chose to go because of the quality of the professors and their experience ministering to the Muslim community. Also, the format and the time frame of the course was very user-friendly for me as a campus pastor. A one-week block course in the middle of the summer made it easy for me to attend…. I am really grateful that we have resources like this at AGTS: quality training that is at the forefront of kingdom advancement, available, and affordable.”

–Johnny, Campus Pastor

SIIS Courses

July 6-10, 2020

Engaging Islam: An Introduction

(MCCM 545)     8 a.m.–Noon

This course provides an overview of Islam, including its beginnings and expansion, the beliefs and practices of formal and folk Islam, Islamic sects, the identity of women, Islam in the United States, global Islam today and bridges for communicating with Muslims.

Dr. Fred Farrokh
Dr. Fred Farrokh

Women in Islam

(MCSM 552)     1-5 p.m.

This course examines the identity and role of women in historic and contemporary Islam as taught by the Quran and Hadith and throughout society, covering various cultural contexts.

Ms. Donna Krstulovich
Ms. Donna Krstulovich

July 13 – 17, 2020

Christian-Muslim Theological Issues

(MHT 649)     8 a.m.–Noon
MHT 649.Bennett.Class Promo

An examination of the theological challenge of Islam and Christian response. Key theological differences will be studied with special emphasis being placed upon biblical answers. The purpose is to develop an understanding of the congruencies and divergences between Christianity and Islam as a tool for communicating the Gospel to Muslims.

Dr. Jim Bennett
Dr. Jim Bennett

Islam in the U.S.

(MCC 553)     1-5 p.m.
MCC 553.Hodum.Class Promo

A study of the birth of American Islam, the early waves of Muslim immigration and the evolution of American Islam toward orthodoxy. Emphasis is placed on the implications of Islam’s rapid growth in American society and the Christian’s responsibility to address this challenge.

Dr. Tommy Hodum
Dr. Tommy Hodum

More Information:

Tuition Costs (Full payment is required by Monday, June 29, 2020.)

Full credit (3 credits, AGTS admission required)

  • Current AGTS Student, For Credit Registration
$1695.00 per course

plus applicable fees

Seminar (noncredit, no AGTS admission required)

  • Current AGTS Student, Audit Course Registration
  • AGTS Alumni are eligible for one free 3-hour course audit per year. Audit only covers tuition for one course. The Meal/Break fees will also apply.
$423.75 per person, per course
Appointed AGWM/AGUSM (other commissioning body, i.e. IMB) missionaries only (noncredit, no AGTS admission required)

  • Visiting Student and Seminar Only Registration
  • AGTS Alumni Registration*
  • AGWM/AGUSM New Missionary Registration (no experience or less than 364 days on the mission field)
  • AGWM/AGUSM Veteran Missionary Registration (at least 364 days of appointment)
$222 per person, per course


(Deadline: Monday, June 29, 2020. Full payment required.)

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When registering, please take your time to answer each question. The site will direct you based on your enrollment status. Payment must be made online for all Non-Credit seeking registrants.

Please note: The transferability of credits earned at AGTS is at the complete discretion of the institution to which one plans to transfer credits. Please check with your institution.

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