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  • Graduation Application 2017-2018 
  • Graduation Information (PDF)- The graduation application deadline for May graduates each year is January 30. Please contact Kathy Harrison in the Registrar’s Office (417) 268-1026, for the application and with any questions.
  • Banquet Ticket and Photo Order Form (Click HERE for banquet ticket order form).
  • Doctoral Regalia Rental- When you apply for graduation, you will provide measurement information necessary for renting the doctoral robe that you will wear at Commencement. The cost of that rental is included in your school fees.
  • Doctoral Regalia Purchase – If you will need a doctoral robe for future use after Commencement, you can purchase one through the company, Herff Jones. Call our representative directly: Tena Harman (417) 788-2291 or email her at She will provide all the information you need. Should you be unable to contact her, you can call Paul Sheerin (617-769-9310).

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