Fall 2020 Course Synopses and Syllabi

The courses which appear here are those for being offered in the respective semester. As a course synopses (masters courses) or syllabus (Ph.D. courses) becomes available it will be posted respectively. D.Min. course syllabi can be found here. To see a complete list of resident student courses for this semester see “Class Schedules.”

Course NumberCourse TitleLink to SyllabusProfessor
RESIDENT COURSES (Includes Resident Modules, Regular Resident Courses, Weekend Modules and Fall Study Week)
Resident Modules
(Pre-Term Sessions: August 24-28)
RES 531
(Aug. 24-26)
Theological Research and WritingM. Musy
PTH 522
(Aug. 26-28)
Identity & Calling of Spiritual LeaderCourse SynopsisR. Walls
Regular Resident Courses: (August 26 - December 11)
BNT 640 Archeology & The New TestamentCourse SynopsisM. Jenkins
THE 531
Systematic Theology ICourse SynopsisP. Lewis
BHE 530
Hebrew 1ACourse SynopsisR. Cotton
BGR 611
Inductive Studies in Greek NT ICourse SynopsisG. Martindale
PTH 650Building a Disciple-Making MinistryCourse SynopsisR. Walls
HOM 529Communicating the Message ICourse SynopsisM. Jaffe
BOT 530Old Testament IntroductionCourse SynopsisR. Cotton
PTH 559Relational Dynamics in MinistryCourse SynopsisR. Walls
THE 531
(See details under 'Tuesday' listing.)P. Lewis
BHE 530
(See details under 'Tuesday' listing.)R. Cotton
BGR 530
(See details under 'Tuesday' listing.)Staff
BGR 611
(See details under 'Tuesday' listing.)F. Haltom
BIB 532HermeneuticsCourse SynopsisV. Medina
BNT 540/BGR 624Studies in Syn. Gospels/Acts: ActsW. Nunnally
HOM/BNT 624Exposition in the Epistles: HebrewsCourse SynopsisB. Eby
BGR 627Studies in General Letters: HebrewsCourse SynopsisB. Eby
THE 623
(Sept. 11-12, Oct. 2-3, Oct. 30-31)
God, Revelation & TruthCourse SynopsisJ. Railey
(Sept. 18-19, Oct. 16-17, Dec. 4-5)
Anthropology and Communication ...Course SynopsisD. Rance
(Sept. 24-26, Oct. 23-24, Nov. 20-21)
World Christianity ICourse SynopsisV. Medina
(Oct. 19-23)*All regular Resident Courses suspended this week.*
MCC 639
Sp. Stu.: Intercultural Urban Ministries (Chicago)M. Hausfeld
BTH/MHT 501Mission of God and Contemporary TextCourse SynopsisD. Rance
(Aug. 24-Dec. 11)
BGR 530 - 02Greek 1ACourse SynopsisF. Haltom
BNT 530 - 02New Testament IntroductionCourse SynopsisF. Haltom
BNT 540 - 02Stu: Speeches in ActsCourse SynopsisJ. Hernando
BOT 538 - 02Stu: Hosea, Joel, Amos, MicahCourse SynopsisR. Cotton
BTH 532 - 02New Testament TheologyCourse SynopsisJ. Lear
HIS 528 - 02Pentecostal, Charismatic MovementsM. Mittelstadt
PTH 522 - 02Identity and Calling of the Spiritual LeaderCourse SynopsisR. Walls
PTH 559 - 02Relational Dynamics in MinistryCourse SynopsisR. Walls
PTH 650 - 02Building a Disciple-Making MinistryCourse SynopsisR. Walls
RES 531 - 02Theological Research and WritingM. Musy
THE 532 - 02Systematic Theology IICourse SynopsisJ. Railey
BILINGUAL ONLINE COURSES (Spanish-English)(Aug. 24-Dec. 11)
RES 531 - 03Theological Research and WritingCourse SynopsisM. Salamanca
Doctor of Ministry Modules (Course listings/syllabi found here.
PhD BTh and ThM Module (Oct. 19-23)
BTH 905Biblical Theological Models & MethodsD. Oss
DAIS/PhD ICS Modules
(Nov. 30 - Dec. 4)
PhD Value Added WeekIDS Faculty
Project Design SeminarIDS Faculty
(Dec. 7-11)
MC/MCC 903Intercultural Communication ...Course SynopsisA. Koeshall
MS/MSS 939Mission of God in Luke-ActsCourse SynopsisR. Gallagher
(Dec. 14-18)
MC/MCC 911Missiological Engagement . . . P. Lewis
MS/MSS 921Relief & Development: Theories & . . .J. Mostert