Spring 2021 Course Synopses

The courses which appear here are those for being offered in the respective semester. As a course synopses (masters courses) or syllabus (Ph.D. courses) becomes available it will be posted respectively. D.Min. course syllabi can be found here. To see a complete list of resident student courses for this semester see “Class Schedules.”

Course NumberCourse TitleLink to SyllabusProfessor
RESIDENT COURSES (Includes Resident Modules, Regular Resident Courses, Weekend Modules and Fall Study Week)
Resident Modules
(Pre-Term Sessions: January 11-15)
RES 531
(Jan. 11 - 13)
Theological Research and WritingM. Musy
PTH 557
(Jan 13 - 15)
Spiritual Formation of the MinisterCourse SynopsisR. Walls
(Jan. 11 - 15)
Mission of GodCourse SynopsisD. Rance
Regular Resident Courses: (January 13 - April 30)
BNT 530New Testament IntroducationW. Nunnally
THE 532
Systematic Theology IICourse SynopsisP. Lewis
BIB 640
Archaeology of Ancient IsraelCourse SynopsisM. Jenkins
BHE 531
Hebrew 1BCourse SynopsisR. Cotton
BGR 612
Inductive Studies in Greek NT IICourse SynopsisG. Martindale
PTH 653Leading Christian MinistriesCourse SynopsisR. Walls
BTH 640Biblical Theology of Women in MinistryM. Musy
BTH 530
Old Testament TheologyCourse SynopsisR. Cotton
HOM 633Communicating the Message IIM. Jaffe
THE 532
(See details under 'Tuesday' listing.)(See details under 'Tuesday' listing.)P. Lewis
BIB 640
(See details under 'Tuesday' listing.)(See details under 'Tuesday' listing.)M. Jenkins
BHE 531
(See details under 'Tuesday' listing.)(See details under 'Tuesday' listing.)R. Cotton
BGR 612
(See details under 'Tuesday' listing.)(See details under 'Tuesday' listing.)G. Martindale
BNT/BOT/MHT/PCS/THE 646Theology Studies SeminarCourse SynopsisR. Cotton
HIS 532History & Polity of the AGCourse SynopsisR. Eby
PTH/MCC 556Field Education Research ProjectCourse SynopsisR. Walls
BTH 530
(See details under 'Wednesday' listing.)(See details under 'Wednesday' listing.)R. Cotton
(Jan, 22-23; Feb. 26-27; Mar 26-27 (STL))
Contextualized TheologyM. Hausfeld
(Feb. 5-6; Mar. 5-6; Apr. 9-10)
World Christianity IIV. Medina
(March 15 -19)*All regular Resident Courses suspended this week.*
MCC 639
Sp. Stu.: Intercultural Urban Ministries (Chicago)M. Hausfeld
THE 625Church, End Times & EternityCourse SynopsisJ. Railey
(Jan. 11 - April 30)
BGR 531- 02Greek 1BCourse SynopsisF. Haltom
BIB 532 - 02HermeneuticsCourse SynopsisStaff
BOT 530 - 02Old Testament IntroductionCourse SynopsisR. Cotton
BTH 640 - 02Biblical Theology of Women in Ministry
(virtual class attendance required T, 6-8:45pm)
M. Musy
HIS/MHT 556- 02World Christianity IC. Self
HOM 529 - 02Communicating the Message IR. Eby
PTH 556 - 02Field Education Research ProjectCourse SynopsisR. Walls
PTH 557 - 02Spiritual Formation of the MinisterCourse SynopsisR. Walls
PTH 640 -02Special Studies in Large Church Staff LeadershipCourse SynopsisT. Hager/R. Loy
RES 653 - 02Leading Christian MinistriesCourse SynopsisR. Walls
Doctor of Ministry Modules (Course listings/syllabi found here.
PTH 984
(Feb. 2 - Mar. 29)
Advanced Leadership: Essential Frameworks (online)Course SynopsisJ. Battaglia
PTH 902
(Feb, 22-26)
Biblical Theology in MinistryCourse SynopsisD. Oss
PTH 919
(Feb, 22-26)
Foundations of Spiritual Theology...Course SynopsisStaff
PTH 939 - 03
(Feb. 22-26)
Sp Stu: Race, Racism & RestorationCourse SynopsisS. Polk
PTH 939 - 03
(Mar. 18-22)
Sp. Stu: Pentecostal Studies
(SPS Conference-based course)
Course SynopsisL. Olena
PhD BTh and ThM Module
(Feb, 22-26)
BOT 942Stu in Psalms & Wisdom Lit: PsalmsM. Musy