Fall 2021 Course Synopses

The courses which appear here are those for being offered in the respective semester. As a course synopses (masters courses) or syllabus (Ph.D. courses) becomes available it will be posted respectively. D.Min. course syllabi can be found here. To see a complete list of resident student courses for this semester see “Class Schedules.”

Course NumberCourse TitleLink to SynopsisProfessor
BHE 639-01

Sp Stu: Hebrews 2AW. Griffin
BIB 532-01
HermeneuticsV. Medina
BIB 640-01
Archaeology of Greco-Roman WorldM. Jenkins
BNT/HOM 624-01
Exposition in Epistles: 1 CorinthiansR. Eby
BOT 530-01
Old Testament Introduction Course SynopsisR. Cotton
BTH/MHT 501-01
Mission of GodCourse SynopsisD. Rance
BOT 539-01
Stu: Joshua & JudgesM. Musy
BTH 532-01
New Testament TheolgoyM. Mittelstadt
HIS/MHT 556-01
World Christianity IV. Medina
MCC/MHT 643-01

Anthropology & CommunicationCourse SynopsisJ. McAteer
PTH 522-01

Identity & Calling of Spiritual LeaderR. Walls
PTH 559-01Relational Dynamics in MinistryR. Walls
PTH 650-01
Building a Disciple-Making MinistryR. Walls
RES 531-01Theological Research & WritingCourse SynopsisJ. Williams
THE 531-01
Systematic Theology ICourse SynopsisP. Lewis
BIB 640-02
Archaeology of Greco-Roman WorldCourse SynopsisM. Jenkins
PTH 522-03
Identity & Calling of Spiritual LeaderR. Walls
BNT/HOM 624-02
Exposition in Epistles: 1 CorinthiansCourse SynopsisR. Eby
BOT 539-02
Stu: Joshua & JudgesCourse SynopsisM. Musy
BGR 611-02
Inductive Studies in Greek NT ICourse SynopsisF. Haltom
BGR 530-02Greek 1ACourse SynopsisF. Haltom
BNT 530-02New Testament IntroducationCourse SynopsisF. Haltom
PTH 650-02Building a Disciple-Making MinistryR. Walls
BTH 538-02Holy Spirit in the Old TestamentCourse SynopsisR. Cotton
HIS/PCS 528-02Pentecostal & Charismatic MovementsCourse SynopsisM. Mittelstadt
PTH 522-02Identity & Calling of Spiritual LeaderR. Walls
PTH 559-02Relational Dynamics in MinistryR. Walls
RES 531-02Theological Research & WritingCourse SynopsisJ. Williams
THE 532-02Systematic Theology IICourse SynopsisJ. Railey
BTH 501-S2Mission of GodD. Rance
PTH 522-S4Identity & CallingU. Mendoza
PTH 939
A. Oleson
PTH 939-01
Sp Stu: Global Dynamics of LeadershipCourse SynopsisJ. Vick
PTH 901-01
Renewing the Spiritual LeaderCourse SynopsisC. Tennant
PTH 905-01
Leading Christian OrganizationsCourse SynopsisJ. Rion
PTH 939-03
Sp Stu: Soul ShepherdingCourse SynopsisS. Nance
PTH 939-05
Sp Stu: Faith, Work & EconomicsCourse SynopsisC. Self
PTH 906-01
Project DesignCourse SynopsisC. Shipley
BTH 902-01
Literary MethodsD. Gill
Nov 29 - Dec 3PhD Value Added Weekn/aIDS Faculty
Nov 29 - Dec 3Project Design Seminarn/aIDS Faculty
MC/MCC 903-01
Intercultural CommunicationA. Koeshall
MS/MSS 939-01
Sp Stu: Contemporary Issues in MissionsJ. McAteer
MS/MSS 912-01
Evangelizing, Discipling, Church PlantM. Hausfeld
MS/MSS 922-01
Contemporary Social IssuesJ. Mostert