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Staff Directory
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Academic Dean & Registrar Offices
(dean@agts.edu) (registrar@agts.edu)
steve lim Gehris, Deb Gehris, Deb Brittany
Railey, James H. Gehris, Deb Battaglia, Christine Ketchem, Christina
Dean of the Faculty (Interim) Academic Services
Administrative Assistant
Faculty work study
Heiskell, Geneva M. Clark, Sarah
Cross, Connie Harrison, Kathy
Registrar Degree Audit Coordinator


Advancement—Development, Alumni & Promotions Offices
(development@agts.edu) (alumni@agts.edu)
steve limKlaus, Byron lotter Chambers, BryanChambers, Bryan deborah fegler
Klaus, Byron Lotter, Dorothea J. Chambers, Bryan Fegler, Deborah


Director of Institutional and Alumni Relations

Advancement Representative

Development & Alumni Coordinator
Clark, Sarah hall  
Clark, Sarah Hall, Jennifer Eric Friesen
Development Office Support Specialist
Promotions Coordinator
Promotions Specialist


Business Office (businessoffice@agts.edu)
Shaffer, Dan ryan Burnham, Tammy buck
Shaffer, Dan Winters, Ryan Burnham, Tammy Adkins, Audrey
Director of Finance and Operations Coordinator of Business Business Office
Administrative Assistant to Director of Finance and Operations


Continuing Education Office
Walls, Randy Thomas, Ashley
Walls, Randy Reeves, Nikki
Director of Continuing Education Coordinator of Continuing Education


Doctor of Ministry Office (dmin@agts.edu)
Taylor, Cheryl A. Oleson, Ava Olena, Lois krista
Taylor, Cheryl A. Oleson, Ava Olena, Lois Heiskell, Geneva
D.Min. Director D.Min. Program Coordinator D.Min. Project
D.Min. Student Support Specialist


Enrollment Management Office (info@agts.edu)
Smith, Linda natalia Smith, Linda Smith, Linda
Jacques, Brett Morris, Keena Smith, Linda Teel, Amanda
Enrollment Representative Admissions Coordinator Administrative Assistant Financical Aid
Heiskell, Geneva M. stormy
Adams, Danica Davis, Stormy
Financial Aid Assistant VA Rep


Intercultural Doctoral Studies (plewis@agts.edu)
Rance, DeLonn Newberry, Warren Rance, Valerie
Rance, DeLonn Lewis, Paul Rance, Valerie
Director of Intercultural Doctoral Studies Program and Admissions Coordinator Assistant


Library (library@agts.edu)
Marics, Joseph F., Jr. Oliver, Rick dasilva
Marics, Joseph F., Jr. Oliver, Rick Donnelly, Nancy
Director of Library Services Assistant Director of Library Services Cataloger


Ph.D. of Biblical Interpretation
and Theology
Lafferty, Joel Gehris, Deb
Oss, Doug Battaglia, Christine
Director Program Coordinator


President's Office (meambers@evangel.edu)
steve limKlaus, Byron Starkey, Susan Chelsey Shroyer Chelsey Shroyer
Klaus, Byron Meamber, Susan Hover, Tryphena Shroyer, Chelsey


Administrative Assistant to President Receptionist Receptionist


Spiritual Formation and Student Services Office         
Taylor, Jay P. jamie pool
Taylor, Jay P. Alsup, Kate
Director of Spiritual Formation Administrative Assistant
Student Life & Spiritual Formation



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