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Course Descriptions: Historical Studies

HIS/PCS 528 Pentecostal and Charismatic Movements
A study of the development of the Pentecostal and Charismatic movements in the 20th century.

HIS 529 Religion in America
The development of the various families of churches, sects, and religious movements in the United States from the colonial period to the present day.

HIS 532 History and Polity of the Assemblies of God
The historical, sociological, and theological background which gave rise to the Pentecostal Movement and the formation of the Assemblies of God. The development of the denomination is traced to the present time. Includes a unit on the congregational presbyterial polity of the Assemblies of God. Distance Learning (DL) option available.

HIS/PCS 546 Initial Evidence and Spirit Baptism
An examination of the biblical, historical, and theological development of the doctrine of initial evidence for the baptism in the Holy Spirit in the Pentecostal Movement.

HIS 548/MHT 534 History of Jewish-Christian Relations
(See MHT 534/HIS 548 )

HIS 549 History of Modern Revivals
An examination of the historical, theological, and spiritual dimensions of revivals in the modern era.

HIS/MHT 556 World Christianity I
An examination of the growth and cultural contexts of Christianity from the time of the ancient church to 1800. The study includes divisions within Christianity; expansion from the Middle East into Africa, Europe and Asia; theological and missiological developments; political and social dynamics; the rise of Islam and the Muslim conquests; the Protestant and Catholic Reformations; and renewal movements. Distance Learning (DL) option available.

HIS/MHT 557 World Christianity II
An examination of the growth and cultural contexts of Christianity in North Atlantic countries, Asia, Africa and Latin America since 1800. The study includes the Protestant and Catholic mission movements; theological and missiological developments; indigenous Non-Western forms of Christianity; the influence of the Enlightenment, modernity and post-modernity on the Christian faith; evangelicalism and Pentecostalism; the Ecumenical Movement; and the global shift of Christianity southward. Distance Learning (DL) option available.

HIS 642 Specialized Studies in Church History/Historical Theology
The study of a special problem or area of interest in church history/historical theology as the need may arise.

HIS 644/MHT 637 Roman Catholicism and Eastern Orthodoxy
(See MHT 637/HIS 644)

HIS/MHT/THE 701 Christianity in the Modern and Postmodern Eras
A study of how Christians since the seventeenth century have perceived the mission of God in the world, involving the expansion and changing cultural contexts of Christianity from the emergence of the Enlightenment, modernity and post modernity in the West to the global shift of Christianity southward. Key personalities; theological and missiological developments; the interaction of theology with history, hermeneutics, science and philosophy; and renewal movements including evangelicalism and Pentecostalism receive attention. The course ends with a discussion of contemporary relevance and applications.

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