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Course Descriptions: Christian Education

CE 510 Essentials of Education
This course will examine the essentials of education as the process of discovery and development of human potential. Emphasis will be given to philosophical, psychological and biblical foundations of education; education in the purpose of the Church; and the globalization of education. The practical element of teaching will be stressed.

CE 528 Youth Development, Programming and Education
A study of the nature and needs of adolescents, teaching methods and program resources for youth at the local church level. Emphasis is also placed upon the role of the youth minister, adult sponsors and church-school inter-relationships.

CE 537 Principles of Teaching in the Church
An examination of the teaching-learning processes in the church context. Emphasis is primarily on the development of quality teaching in the local church. LAB FEE.

CE 544 Educational Ministry in the Local Church
A summary of the total educational program of the local church, with primary attention to its organization and administration. Includes a study of the various educational agencies of the church such as the Sunday school, youth groups, children’s groups and special-interest groups.

CE 548 Practicum in Christian Education
Structured and directed experiences in educational ministries conducted through a local church or other ministry field site, with an approved supervisor. Elements will include a focus on leadership, needs assessment, goal setting, planning strategy, implementing and evaluating programs, etc. Several settings are available for consideration, including a local church, parachurch organization, national office, district office, Christian day school, camp, etc.

CE 626/MSS 629 Administration in Theological Education
(See MSS 629/CE 626.)

CE 627/MSS 630 Instruction and Assessment in Theological Education
(See MSS 630/CE 627.)

CE 633 Curriculum Development and Selection
A study of curriculum theory and development, together with criteria for selection of curricula to meet the needs of various learning groups. Opportunity is also given to plan and write curricular materials for special emphases such as retreats and short-term seminars.

CE 639 Practicum in College Teaching
The preparation and presentation of lessons in the area of biblical studies, theology and Christian education. Teaching will be at a local college and will be supervised and evaluated by a qualified member of the faculty. Available on a limited basis. Requires six months prior approval. Prereq: Principles of Teaching (CE 537) or Instruction and Assessment in Theological Education (CE 627).

CE 640 Specialized Studies in Christian Education
The study of a special program or area of interest in Christian education as the need may arise.

CE 642 The Minister as Educator
An examination of the minister’s role in the Christian education program of the local church with an emphasis upon its strategic importance and the practical dimensions of implementation, staffing and training for effective ministry.

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