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Course Descriptions: Biblical Studies

BIB 532 Hermeneutics
The student learns both principles and skills of interpreting scripture in terms of historical, social, and literary environments, and the process of applying the meaning to today’s needs. The history of hermeneutics is also covered. A special feature concentrates on Pentecostal issues.

BIB 637 Current Issues in Biblical Interpretation
An in-depth study of selected current issues in biblical interpretation. Prereq: BIB 532 or equivalent.
Distance Learning (DL) option available.

BIB 639 Holy Lands Study Tour*
The Seminary partners with the Assemblies of God (AG) Center for Holy Lands Studies to provide three hours of graduate credit for this tour.

This program is an intensive three-and-one-half week study tour to Egypt, Jordan and Israel that provides a unique experience for students to study the Bible in its geographic, historical and cultural contexts.

Students and faculty may apply for scholarships towards the Holy Lands Study Tour at

*The seminary also partners with the AG Center for Holy Lands Studies to provide nine hours of graduate credit for their Summer Institute (6 hours of Biblical Hebrew [Hebrew IA & IB] and 3 hours of Biblical background [Stu. in Historical Backgrounds of the New Testament]).

BIB 640 Specialized Themes in Biblical Studies
A course to meet the need for inquiry into a specific area of biblical studies, such as a contemporary issue or the study of a biblical theme.

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