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Summer 2004 Rapport: Annual Report 2003-2004

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From the Business Office...

Rev. David Willemsen
Director of Business

Human Resource Services Transition

The AGTS Business Office has successfully completed the transition of payroll and human resource services from the General Council of the AG to AGTS. Since accounting services were transferred last year, all financial services, including essential data, policies and procedures, are now managed and administered internally.

Student Information System (SIS)

Since 1997 AGTS has used a comprehensive software application to store, manage and process data for students and donors. Although the current application has served the seminary well, it is limited in its capacity to meet the current demands and expectations of a viable SIS.

In February 2004 the Board of Directors approved the purchase of a major software upgrade, which offers self-service web applications for registration, degree audit and bill/contribution payment; course management tools that provide for online class participation; and a host of improvements in report capabilities, search functionality and software development. Implementation of the upgrade will begin fall 2004.

2003-04 Year-End Financial Report

As of April 30, 2004, AGTS reported total annual revenues of $4,772,412 and expenses of $4,686,998 resulting in a $85,414 increase in net assets at year-end– a significant turn around from last year’s $402,696 decrease in net assets. This year’s increase in net assets is delineated as follows:


In Comparison to the 2002-03 Fiscal Year:

2004-05 Budget

The cost to educate each student during the 2004-05 fiscal year is projected at $12,101.

Updated: Wednesday, August 25, 2004 10:38 AM


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