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AGTS student Judi Ballweber comments on her experience studying in Kiev, Ukraine

Intro | Practicum | Food | Language | Women's Shelter | Street Kids
Medical Missions Exploration
| Why Ukraine?

Dorm Life

A frequent view from Judi's dorm room window.

During my three-month stay in Ukraine, I lived in the dorm at ETS, which gave me a wonderful opportunity to build relationships with fellow students from the various nations. Tea parties and laughter over my limited Russian and their limited English were frequent. Sharing spoonfuls of homemade blackberry jam while sipping my tea was a treat. I sang with the worship team for our chapel services when they had the songs printed in English. Trying to lip-synch unknown Russian lyrics proved to be a challenge.
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Updated: Thursday, April 10, 2014 12:04 PM


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