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AGTS News: Watch the Summer Institute for Islamic Studies at AGTS live on July 10!

Watch a segment of the Summer Institute for Islamic Studies at AGTS LIVE on July 10 at 9 a.m. Mark Hausfeld, SIIS director, and Dick Brogden, missionary and professor, will speak during the class "Church Planting in Muslim Contexts."

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Dr. Mark Hausfeld

Dr. Hausfeld is the director of the Center for Islamic Studies at AGTS. He has 29 years of pastoral and missions experience in Chicago, Pakistan and Central Asia. He also serves as international director of Global Initiative: Reaching Muslim Peoples—a ministry established to collaborate with AGWM regions and with US Missions to equip the church to reach Muslim peoples and to mobilize long-term church planting teams among them everywhere.



Dick Brogden

Dick and Jennifer Brogden have served among Muslims for the last 20 years; Mauritania (1992), Kenya (1993-1995), and Sudan (1996-2011). Since 2012 they have led a multi-national Church Planting team in Cairo, Egypt that trains team leaders to plant churches across the Arab Muslim world. Dick and Jennifer also serve as Team Leader Overseers for Live Dead Arab World (Middle East and North Africa) Dick and Jennifer have two sons, Luke and Zack.




Updated: Wednesday, July 2, 2014 12:46 PM

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