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World Religions Video List

VHS and DVD Formats

Title Format Location
African-American culture (2 Tapes) VHS AV 178-179
America's new religious landscape (episode of television program - Religion & ethics newsweekly) VHS AV 433
w/ Suppl.
Art of celebration (Alden Films - how a Jewish family celebrates Jewish holidays) VHS AV 362
The Bengali Muslims: beyond the veil VHS AV 845
Buddhism: the middle way of compassion VHS AV 780
Confucianism & Taoism VHS AV 797
Contemporary issues in world religions (ABC News - 2 tapes) VHS AV 276, 282
Crescent & Cross: rise of Islam & age of crusades DVD DVD 40
Crow Dog's paradise (Sioux Indians) VHS AV 861
Divine horsemen: the living gods of Haiti VHS AV 795
Dreamtales (Native American myths and beliefs) VHS AV 336
Easter in Spain VHS AV 708
An Ensign to the nations (growth and influence of the Mormon church throughout the world) VHS AV 662
Exposing witchcraft (Carol Kornacki) VHS AV 198
The Gossamer thread (Talmud, Judaism, & history of synagogues - 2 tapes) VHS AV 560-561
Hajj: the pilgrimage: Islam rising DVD DVD 37
The Hasidim (Lubavitch-Chabad - Hasidic community in New York) VHS AV 351
Hausfeld, Mark A. - Inaugural Lecture, AGTS J. Philip Hogan Professor of World Missions (Oct. 10, 2007) : "Islam in America: understanding and engaging diaspora Muslims through the local church" DVD DVD 89
Healers of Ghana VHS AV 777
Herzl (Alden Films - Zionism) VHS AV 382
Hinduism: an ancient path in the modern world VHS AV 789
Islam and Christianity VHS AV 786
Israel: the land and its people (Alden Films) VHS AV 364
Israel: the promise of the Jewish people (Alden Films) VHS AV 368
Jewish symbols (Alden Films - Jewish symbolism, art, and liturgy)) VHS AV 373
Judaism: the chosen people VHS AV 352
Judaism: bar mitzvah boys VHS AV 659
Kibbutz (Alden Films - collective settlements in Israel) VHS AV 384
A Life apart: Hasidism in America VHS AV 790
The Long search - 1 - Protestant spirit USA (BBC; Time-Life Television) VHS AV 746
The Long search - 2 - 330 million gods (Hinduism - BBC; Time-Life Television) VHS AV 747
The Long search - 3 - Footprint of the Buddha (Buddhism - BBC; Time-Life Television) VHS AV 748
The Long search - 4 - Rome, Leeds and the desert (Catholicism - BBC; Time-Life Television) VHS AV 749
The Long search - 5 - There is no god but God (Islam - BBC; Time-Life Television) VHS AV 750
The Long search - 6 - The Romanian solution (Orthodox Christianity- BBC; Time-Life Television) VHS AV 751
The Long search - 7 - The chosen people (Judaism - BBC; Time-Life Television) VHS AV 752
The Long search - 8 - The way of the ancestors (Religion in Indonesia - BBC; Time-Life Television) VHS AV 753
The Long search - 9 - The land of the disappearing Buddha (Buddhism - BBC; Time-Life Television) VHS AV 754
The Long search - 10 - Zulu Zion (African religions - BBC; Time-Life Television) VHS AV 755
The Long search - 11 - A question of balance (Taoism - BBC; Time-Life Television) VHS AV 756
The Long search - 12 - West meets East (Alternative lifestyles in California - BBC; Time-Life Television) VHS AV 757
Mosque (Introduction to Islam) VHS AV 225
The Mountain of the Lord (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints) VHS AV 663
Muhammad: the voice of God DVD DVD 122
Native American spirituality VHS AV 796
One God (Alden Films - Judaism - customs and practices) VHS AV 361
Pentecostalism: Caribbean Christmas (Pentecostalism in Barbados - World Religions series) VHS AV 410
Religions of China VHS AV 856
Religious diversity in America DVD DVD 41
Roots and wings: a Jewish congregation VHS AV 435
Sabbath of peace (Alden Films) VHS AV 365
The Search - New Age in a new light VHS AV 53
Tracing Mount Sinai (Alden Films) VHS AV 367
To realize a dream: 100 years of Zionism (Alden Films) VHS AV 366
The Unification principles (Unification Church - 3 tapes) VHS AV 100-102
Voodoo secrets VHS AV 798
Walking with the Buddha VHS AV 434
Witnesses of Jehovah (Jehovah's Witnesses) VHS AV 235



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