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How to Search for Periodical Articles

1. Search for Journal Articles by Topic or other Specific Criteria

There are a number of methods that you can use to search for relevant journal articles. These methods include the following:

  • Search in the AGTS Library's Electronic Indexes and Databases

    The AGTS Library licenses a number of CD-ROM Databases and Online Databases that index journals and provide information about the articles that are available. Several of these databases even provide access to the Full Text of a number of articles. These indexes can be searched using a variety of methods; including author, subject, title, and keyword searches.

    For more information, please refer to the Indexes & Databases Section of this site.

  • Search in the Paper Periodical Indexes Provided by the Library

    The AGTS Library owns a number of significant Periodical Indexes in Paper (book) format. Although the information in these indexes, for the most part, can also be found in the Electronic Indexes, it is important to be familiar with these resources in the event that Internet Access is interupted or that the Electronic Databases become unavailable for a period of time for some other reason.

    The Paper Periodical Indexes also provide bibliographic information about journal articles and can be searched by Subject. However, since there is no cumulative volume for these indexes, it may be necessary to search for the same subject in a number of different volumes (most indexes produce one volume for each calendar year, representing the journals that were published or were indexed in that year).

    For more information about these resources, please refer to the List of Key Periodical Indexes.

  • Search the Bibliographies of Books and the Topical Bibliographies provided in the Reference Section

    A great way to start looking for journal articles is to look over the Bibliographies and Footnotes provided in the text-books, library books, and articles you have already studied for your class or for your research project.

    In addition, the library's Reference Section includes a number of topical Bibliographies that could greatly enhance your research, pointing the way toward valuable books and/or articles. In order to search for these resources, you could access the Library's Online Catalog and perform keyword searches entering your topic(s) and the word "bibliography" as search terms.

  • Search Online Journals for Useful Articles

    There are a number of Journals that have online versions as well as journals that are exclusively devoted to online content. Some of these resources can be freely accessed. The Online Journals page of the Internet Resources section provides links to some of these journals as well as links to Directories that will help you locate more of these resources.

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2. Determine if AGTS has any of the articles discovered in Step #1

Although you may be able to find some useful articles in Full Text in the licensed Online Databases or in Web Journals, you will frequently have to settle for bibliographic citations and abstracts of potentially interesting journal articles. In order to determine whether or not AGTS actually owns a copy of the specific journal and issue that contains the article you are interested in, you must search the AGTS Periodicals Holdings. You may search the AGTS Online Catalog to determine if AGTS holds a particular journal. In addition, a Periodicals Holdings book is provided at the Circulation Desk that lists all of the journals owned by AGTS while also providing lists of which specific issues of each journal are owned by the library. (This feature is available in many of the online records you will retrieve when searching in the AGTS Online Catalog. However, we are still in the process of updating these records and, therefore, some of the online periodical records do not yet contain this information.)

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3. If AGTS has an item, retrieve it from the appropriate location.

For information regarding how to determine where specific journals are located and how to go about acquiring the issues you need to look at, please refer to the "Periodicals" section in the Library Handbook.

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4. If AGTS does not have an item, determine if it may be possible to acquire it from another library.

If you are unable to find the journal, or the issue of the journal, that contains the article that you are attempting to gain access to either online or in the AGTS Periodical Collection, there are still a couple of options remaining. You could attempt to determine if any of the other libraries in Springfield own the item or, if you are unable to locate the item locally, you could request that an Interlibrary Loan Request be sent out to other libraries throughout the nation for a photocopy of the desired article.

For links to other local library catalogs, please refer to the Other Library Catalogs of Interest page in the "Catalogs" section of this site and search the catalogs listed under "Consortium Libraries."

For information concerning Interlibrary Loans, please refer to the "Interlibrary Loan" section of the Library Handbook.

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