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Circulation Policies:
Current Adjunct Faculty; CBC & Evangel Faculty


Qualifications for Adjunct Borrowing Privileges

In order to qualify for the borrowing privileges allowed to AGTS Adjunct Faculty, an individual must be one of the following:

  • a current CBC or Evangel University Faculty member
  • currently teaching an AGTS class, or
  • scheduled to teach an AGTS class during the upcoming semester

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Borrowing Materials from the AGTS Library

Checkout Limits

  1. There is no limit to the total number of circulating items that an AGTS Adjunct Faculty member or CBC & Evangel Faculty member may borrow from the AGTS library.

  2. However, no more than 10 books on one subject may be checked out at a time without special permission from a library coordinator or administrator. The subject of a book is determined by a combination of call number and actual subject content. The final decision as to what constitutes one subject shall be left to the Circulation Services Coordinator or the Assistant Director.

Loan Periods

1. Books from circulating collection (no renewals) 4 months*
2. DVDs, Videocassettes, and Audiocassettes (no renewals) 4 months*
3. CD-ROM (one renewal only) 2 hours in the Library
4. Renewal Period N/A

*After the initial 2 weeks that a book is checked out, it will be subject to recall if requested by another student.

The purpose for the limit on the number of books on one subject that any one patron may have in his/her possession is to help all students find resources. The limitation keeps one or two people from monopolizing the entire collection on one subject. We are attempting to serve all our patrons and give each an opportunity to find adequate resources for his/her research.

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Borrowing Materials from SWAN & MOBIUS Libraries

Only AGTS Adjunct Faculty members (those teaching courses at AGTS in the current or the next semester) are eligible for MOBIUS and SWAN borrowing. For information concerning SWAN and the MOBIUS Consortium, please refer to the Introduction to MOBIUS and SWAN.

Monographs (circulating books) are the only materials that are available for loan from other SWAN or MOBIUS schools.

Loan Periods

1. Books (two renewals) 3 weeks*
2. Renewal Period Length of the Original Loan

*Once the initial loan period has ended, books will be subject to recall if requested by another library patron..

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Placing Books on Hold

If a desired book from the AGTS library collection is checked out, members of these groups may request that the book be placed on hold. Once a patron has placed a hold on an item, the hold will remain in effect for 45 days. (However, patrons may request that the hold be set to remain in effect for a longer or shorter time period.) If the book is returned during this period, the Library staff will reserve the item at the Circulation Desk and notify the patron that it is available. After notification, the patron will have 48 hours to retrieve the book from the Circulation Desk. If the book is not picked up within the 48-hour time frame, it will be re-shelved into the collection.

Anyone who is not currently affiliated with AGTS (students, faculty, staff, etc. - including those from CBC and Evangel) or a MOBIUS library will not be able to place requests for checked-out AGTS books.

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Recalls of Books

Any book that has been checked out may be recalled after two weeks of the initial loan period has passed (or 2 days in the case of one week loan periods) if requested by an AGTS student or faculty member. In addition, books can be recalled from any library patron at any point in their loan period if an AGTS professor has requested that they be placed on Course Reserve. Patrons must return recalled books to the library within 48 hours of notification (in the case of distance students, the item should be sent back in the mail within 48 hours) or the book will be considered overdue and the patron will be subject to the AGTS fine policies.

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Reserve Materials

The policies governing the purpose and use of Course Reserve materials are as follows:

  • Faculty members may request that books or articles in high demand for their classes carry a limited loan period--2 hours, 1 day or 3 days. These items will be kept at the Circulation Desk for the duration of the course. Students wishing to view any of these materials must request the specific item(s) from circulation staff.

  • Reserve materials are to be used primarily by those who are currently taking the course for which the book or article has been reserved. Only students who are taking the course and the professor teaching the course will be allowed to remove 1 or 3 day reserve materials from the library. Any exceptions to this policy must be cleared through the Circulation Services Coordinator or the Assistant Director of Library Services.

  • Two-hour reserve materials are to be used in the library.

  • Only one reserve item may be borrowed at a time.

  • All reserve material may be renewed once for the same period of time as the original limited loan. However, the material may not be renewed if another AGTS student has requested it.

  • All books and articles on reserve are subject to immediate recall upon notification if the situation warrants it.

For more information concerning placing Library items on reserve for AGTS courses, see the Faculty Services page in this site.

CBC or Evangel faculty may request that the AGTS library set up a temporary reserve collection of AGTS library materials for students participating in CBC or Evangel courses. Such requests would be considered by the AGTS library staff on a case-by-case basis and such reserve collections, if approved, would be subject to the same policies and restrictions that have been established for AGTS professors and courses.


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Overdue AGTS Materials

Members of these patron groups are NOT subject to daily fines for overdue items. However, they are subject to the library's lost book policies and are responsible for the replacement costs of any items that they may lose or that may be declared lost if overdue for over 21 days.

Overdue SWAN or MOBIUS Books

For information concerning the fees charged to AGTS students, faculty, and staff for overdue books checked out from SWAN or MOBIUS libraries, please refer to the Lost Items section. (This only applies to AGTS Adjunct Faculty.)

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Lost Items

AGTS Items

Library patrons should report lost items immediately. Regular circulating books not returned will be declared lost 21 days after the due date.  DVDs, video/audio cassettes, and reserve materials will be declared lost 14 days after the due date.

When an item charged to an AGTS adjunct faculty member has been declared lost, a notice will be sent to the individual and, unless the item is returned, the corresponding charges of the value of the item, the fines that have accrued, and a $10 processing fee will be charged to the individual's library account. In addition, the library account will be blocked until the matter is resolved.


The policies established by the SWAN Cluster and the MOBIUS Consortium in regards to lost books are as follows:

  1. For SWAN loans, a book will be declared lost and a bill will be produced when the book is 21 days overdue.  For all other MOBIUS loans, a book will be declared lost and a bill will be produced when the book is 45 days overdue.

  2. The fees that will be charged total $120: a $100 lost book fee plus a $20 billing/processing fee.

  3. The AGTS library will block patrons who have been billed until either the bill is paid or the item(s) returned.

  4. Although the AGTS library has the option to attempt negotiation with the lending library for a replacement or a lower lost book fee, it is ultimately up to the discretion of the lending library whether they want to negotiate.

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