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Doctor of Ministry Schedule and Syllabi

Summer 2018    
June 4-8PTH 935
Bringing the Biblical Story to the 21st CentturyD. Crabtree30-36
June 4-8PTH 980
The Relationship of Emotional Intelligence to Ministry LeadershipDon Detrick30-36
June 2-7 & July 9-13PTH 939
Elective Course from The Summer Institute for Islamic Studies SIIS Faculty30-36
June 11-15PTH 911
Core 3
Pentecostal Ministry in the 21st CenturyC. Self37
June 11-15PTH 906
Project DesignL. Olena33-35
July 16-22PTH 939
Sp. Stu.: Intercultural Ministries in Urban SettingsM. Hausfeld30-36
Designated Cohorts
June 11-15PTH-906Project DesignL. Olena35 (W4)
June 4-8PTH-W- 903
Core 3
Biblical Theology of Women in Leadership (3 cr.)D. Gill38 (W5)
June 4-8BTHM 550Biblical Theology of Women in Leadership (Master's - 4 cr.)D. Gill38 (W5)
Spring 2018
Feb 26 - Mar 2PTH 902
Core 2
Biblical Theology of Ministry
D. Oss37
Feb 26 - Mar 2PTH 939
Special Study : Church Revitalization & Revivals
C. Tennant30-36
Feb 26 - Mar 2PTH 939
Sp. Stu.: Leadership Competencies
A. Oleson30-36 & 35 (W4)
Mar 8 - Mar 10PTH 939
Special Studies in Pentecostal Biblical Theology
L. OlenaCleveland, TN
Designated Cohorts
Feb 26 - Mar 2PTH 939
PTHM 640
Sp. Stu.: Leadership Competencies (D.Min. - 3 cr.)
Sp. Stu.: Leadership Competencies (Master’s – 4 cr.)
A. Oleson35 (W4)
Mar 5 - Mar 9PTH 901
PTHM 557
Renewing the Spiritual Leader (D.Min. - 3 cr.)
Spiritual Formation of the Minister (Master’s – 4 cr.)
C. Tennant38 (W5)