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Reasons for Contact



When you're not sure who to contact.

Admissions Office

Admissions Coordinator

Generic admissions questions from returning students.

Institutional and Alumni Relations Office

Records Secretary

Alumni who want to inform us of a change of address or name.

Admissions Office

Admissions Coordinator

New students who have submitted an application or who have questions about registration.

Registrar's Office

Degree Audit Coordinator

Returning students with questions about their degree programs.

D.Min. Office

D.Min. Administrative Assistant

Any inquiries concerning the D. Min. program, including prospective students.

Faculty Office

Faculty Secretary

If trying to reach a faculty member, see the faculty web page for their personal email addresses.  Otherwise, those who need to make an appointment with a faculty member. Inquiries about Analytical Reflection Papers, Comp. Exams, or Directed Research Courses.

IT Helpdesk

Helpdesk staff

Problems connecting to the student portal, etc.

Enrollment Management Office

Administrative Assistant to the Director of Enrollment Management

Any inquiries from prospective resident or continuing ed. students. How to apply. Any inquiries from students who have yet to submit an application.

Registrar's Office

Degree Audit Coordinator

Returning students inquiring about registration.

Registrar's Office

Degree Audit Coordinator

Returning students or Alumni inquiring about transcripts.

Academic Dean's Office

Coordinator of Academic Services

Inquiries, not otherwise answered by this site or other contacts, about accreditation, degree programs, faculty, course descriptions and lectureships.

Promotions Office

Promotions Coordinator

Inquiries, suggestions, or comments about the AGTS website.

Business Office


Inquiries concerning student accounts, billing, returning student scholarships, AGTS mailroom, building access, maintenance, and holiday hours.

Financial Aid Office

Financial Aid Coordinator

Inquiries concerning student loans, financial aid, or workstudy.


Library Cataloging Coordinator

General inquiries concerning the AGTS library.

President's Office

Administrative Assistant to the President

Inquiries concerning the Prez Release.

Student Leadership Council Office


Inquiries concerning student activities or student ministries.

Financial Aid Office

Veterans Affairs and Chaplaincy Representative

Inquiries concerning veterans and prosepctive chaplains. Promotions Office Promotions Coordinator Inquiries about AGTS publications and website.

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