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Fall 2016

Dec. 5–9 MCC 903: Intercultural Communication and Missions Anthropology (Syllabus) Rance
Dec. 5–9 MH/MHT 939: Global Hermeneutical Models (Syllabus) Lewis

Dec. 12–16

MCS 920: Biblical Perspectives on Issues of Social Justice (Syllabus) Klaus
Dec. 12–16 MTH 910: History of Christianity in Missiological Perspective (Syllabus) Self



Summer 2016

July 11–15

MSS 901: Leaders in a Global Context (Syllabus) Rance

July 11–15

MC 904: Theological Issues, Contextualization and Area Studies (Syllabus) Johnson
July 18–22 MHT 902: Missio Dei and the Contemporary World (Syllabus) Easter
July 18–22 MSS 905: Methods of Missiological Research (Syllabus) A. Koeshall

Fall 2015

Dec. 7–11

MC 903: Intercultural Comm. & Missions Anthropology (Syllabus) Grant

Dec. 7–11

MHT 939: Perspectives on Global Pentecostal Missiology (Syllabus) McClung
Dec. 14–18 MSS 912: Evangelizing, Discipling and Church Planting (Syllabus) Hausfeld

Dec. 14–18

MSS 922: Contemporary Social Issues in Mission (Syllabus) Mostert


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