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D.Min. Participant Resources: Alumni Abstracts

2006 Abstracts

Ensuring a Future: Toward A More Collaborative Approach to Pentecostal Leadership Development in Post-Soviet Republics
W. Lee Allison

Coaching Pastors Towards the Principles of a Learning Organization
Chip Block

A Course on Indigenous Church Principles for Native American Leaders in the North-Central Region of the United States
John R. Davis

Creating a Basic Pentecostal Discipleship Course for Muslim Background Believers
Ken Ferguson

Joyful in My House: Inviting Postmoderns into the Life of Prayer
Chuck Haavik

Recommendations for Multi-Ethnic Urban Church Ministry: Based on a Case Study of the Highland Church in Jamaica, New York
Victor Joseph

Developing a Team Leadership Seminar for the Bible School Directors and Executive Presbytery of the Assemblies of God in Colombia, South Africa
Michael Lawrence

Assessment of Pastoral Preparation of Alaska Natives in the Assemblies of God
Norman R. Lindsay

Workplace Missions From the Majority World: Developing a Training Model for Malawian Missionaries
Enson Mbilikile Lwesya

Introducing Spiritual Direction a Spiritual Direction Program at Orlando Regional Healthcare
Kenneth L. Nolen

Pentecostals and the “New” Anti-Semitism: Walking in the Fruit and Fullness of the Spirit for the Sake of the Jewish People
Lois Olena

An Integrated Mentoring Model for Developing Morally and Spiritually Strong Leaders in the Local Church
Louis Selzer

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