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Class Schedules and Syllabi

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All Continuing Education Students (Including NCAL/AGTS WEST): Register on the student portal. Here are the Student Portal Instructions.

If you wish to register for a directed research class, an audit or if you wish to drop or add a course, see the Registrar’s Office Forms Page.
Note: All courses listed are 3 credits each unless otherwise designated. Since most courses have pre-session assignments associated with them, the sooner you register, the better. AGTS reserves the right to change the schedule or cancel courses which do not meet the minimum enrollment standards.
Books may be purchased & textbook information secured (ISBN #, Title, Cost, etc.) either online at or in the Founders Bookstore at Evangel University.
Changes are highlighted in yellow and bold type.
Spring 2016

Weekend Classes

Fridays 2–5 p.m./6–9:30 p.m.; Saturdays 9 a.m.–12 noon/1–5 p.m.

Jan. 15–16/Feb. 19–20/Mar. 18–19

HIS/MHT 557 01

World Christianity II Self  
Jan. 29–30/Mar. 4–5/ Mar. 11–12 MCC/MHT 642 01 Contextualized Theology Hausfeld  
Jan. 22–23/Feb. 12–13/April 1–2 MHT 635 01 Pentecostal Theo. of Leadership Development Rance  
Feb. 5–6/April 1–2/April 8–9 PTH 561 01 Foundations of Family Ministry and Soul Care Mostert  
Spring Study Week

Feb. 22–26 (8 a.m.–12/1–5 p.m.)

HISM 532 MOD-01 History & Polity of the A/G Self  
Feb. 22–26 (8 a.m.–12/1–5 p.m.) MCCM/MHTM/PTHM 643MOD-01 Stu.: Culture, Gender & Cross
Cultural Service
A. Koeshall  
Feb. 22–26 (12:30–5:00/6:00–9:30 p.m.) BTHM/MHTM 501 MOD-01 The Mission of God in Bib./Contemporary
Online Courses
  BNT 530 LEC-02 New Testament Introduction Hernando Syllabus
  BOT 530 LEC-01 Old Testament Introduction Cotton Syllabus
  THE 531 LEC-01 Systematic Theology I Railey Syllabus
  THE 532 LEC-02 Systematic Theology II Railey Syllabus
  BTH 532 LEC-01 New Testament Theology Gill Syllabus
  PTH 653 LEC-02 Leading Christian Ministries Taylor & Walls  
  PTH/MCC 556 LEC-02 Field Education Research Project Walls  
AGTS West: Sacramento
Feb. 25–27 BOTB 641 Isaiah, Messianic Prophet Herndon Syllabus
March 10–12 HOMB 640 Preaching in Tumultuous Times Hagan  
April 7–9 BIBB 532 Hermeneutics: A Pentecostal Perspective Davis Syllabus
Jan. 11–15 MCS/MHT 640 Anthropology & Communication Theological Perspective Rance  
Summer 2016
Online Courses
  BIB 532 Hermeneutics Hernando Syllabus, updated 3-25-16
  BNT 530 New Testament Introduction Hernando  
  BOT Old Testament Introduction Cotton  
  THE 531 Systematic Theology I Railey Syllabus
  THE 532 Systematic Theology II Railey Syllabus
AGTS West: Sacramento
May 19–21 PTHB 640 Recalibrating the Local Church Jones Syllabus
July 7–9 PTHB 640 Leadership Disciplines Creps  
Fall 2016
AGTS West: Sacramento
Aug.t 25–27 BTHB 501 Mission of God in Biblical & Contemporary Contexts Garza  
Oct. 13–15 PTHB 559 Relational Dynamics in Ministry & Leadership Huddleston  
Dec. 1–3 BNTB 641 People of the Spirit in Luke/Acts Willis  



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