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Our commitment to helping men and women develop their ministry gifts is at the heart of the AGTS Continuing Education program.

That’s why every course has a practical focus, designed to empower you to interpret and communicate the Word, to equip the people of God for service, and to envision fresh strategies for leadership. You will grow both as a person and as a professional.

Our Vision


The AGTS Continuing Education program provides ministers, church leaders, and lay persons with advanced training and resources for effective ministry.

We believe the best approach to that training is a process in which there is an ongoing dialogue between the classroom and the ministry setting.

If you want to earn a seminary degree, you can obtain a Master of Arts in Christian Ministries, or the In-service Master of Divinity through flexible scheduling options.

Flexible Formats

The AGTS Continuing Education program is designed to serve the needs of active people. Courses are delivered in a variety of formats to give you flexibility as you plan studies around your regular schedule:

Resident module courses offer three semester credits delivered in a one-week session (38 hours of class time) at the AGTS campus in Springfield, Missouri with pre-session and post-session work. These courses satisfy residency and general requirements in the continuing education degree programs.

Branch campus courses offer three semester credits delivered in one-week sessions, (38 hours of class time) with pre-session and post-session work. These courses satisfy requirements in the continuing education degree programs.

Distance Learning Courses provide the opportunity to study selected subjects through lectures on video, DVD and online courses accompanied by guided readings, peer interaction, and assignments under the direction of a faculty mentor. A limited number of the required hours in an AGTS continuing education degree may be earned through distance learning.

Conferences and Seminars offer a wide variety of opportunities to help you renew and retool your ministry, and may be taken for academic credit. Learn more about our conferences!

Network partnerships provide opportunities for specialized study in selected fields. Academic credit may be arranged for these seminars through the Office of Continuing Education.

Program Opportunities

Flexible Scheduling of Resident Degree Programs

By combining continuing education courses and conferences with one-week modules or four-week summer sessions on the resident campus, you can complete the required work for our degrees quickly and conveniently.

Personal Growth

Maybe a degree is not in your plans at this time, but you still want to sharpen your skills. Any class or seminar may be taken on a non-credit basis at one-quarter of the regular tuition rate.

Support Services

All the resources of the Seminary are available to individuals enrolled in the Continuing Education program. By calling 800-467-AGTS you have full access to library and administrative services.

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