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Summer Institute for Islamic Studies, June 30July 11, 2014

AGTS's Center for Islamic Studies will host the Summer Institute for Islamic Studies in June/July 2014 featuring four courses on Islam and ministries to Muslim peoples. AGTS hosts the largest resident faculty in Islamic Studies of any seminary in the United States. The practitioner/scholar faculty of 8 reflects more than 250 years of ministry among Muslim peoples globally, including in the United States. More information.

June 30–July 3, 2014

Engaging Islam (MCSM 545, ICST 470)

Engaging Islam will provide an overview of Islam, including its historical background, development, growth, and diversity and why there is such worldwide appeal. The course will examine the main beliefs and practices of Muslims, noting similarities and crucial differences with Christianity. This course will include the beliefs and practices of formal and folk Islam, Islamic sects, the identity of women, Islam in the United States global Islam today and bridges for communicating with Muslims. The final goal is to assist Christians who engage Muslims to recognize both the challenges and opportunities there are when sharing with Muslim peoples. Special attention will be given to prayer, developing a Christ like attitude toward Muslims and how to effectively minister to them.



Dr. Mark Hausfeld

Dr. Hausfeld is the director of the Center for Islamic Studies at AGTS. He has 29 years of pastoral and missions experience in Chicago, Pakistan and Central Asia. He also serves as international director of Global Initiative: Reaching Muslim Peoples—a ministry established to collaborate with AGWM regions and with US Missions to equip the church to reach Muslim peoples and to mobilize long-term church planting teams among them everywhere.


Discipleship Issues Among Believers from a Muslim Background (MSSM 639, ICST 471)

More Muslims are coming to Christ than in any other time in history. However, the road to attaining a mature healthy Christian and church is not automatic. This course is designed to examine the cultural characteristics and values found in Iran and Islamic societies which compose part of the context into which the new faith is birthed. Power structures, interpersonal communication, trust, and conflict resolution are areas of cultural context that will be examined. Possible solutions to assist missionaries and national leaders move toward healthy churches we will presented. This course's applications will be helpful to those serving in global Muslim contexts.



Dr. Roy Oksnevad

Roy Oksnevad is director of the Muslim Ministry Program at Wheaton College through the Billy Graham Center. In this role, he leads a coalition of ministries to Muslims in North America called COMMA and a fellowship of former Muslims in the Chicago area. He is an adjunct faculty member at Wheaton College and North Seminary and has more than 25 years of missionary experience working among Muslims overseas and in the United States.

July 7–11, 2014

Church Planting in Muslim Contexts
(MSS 643, ICST 472)

A survey of the major ecclesiological options and their historical development. Principles for establishing evangelistic and discipleship ministries in Muslim societies will be explored. Special attention will be given to the unique process of establishing the church within an Islamic culture.



Dick Brogden

Dick and Jennifer Brogden have served among Muslims for the last 20 years; Mauritania (1992), Kenya (1993-1995), and Sudan (1996-2011). Since 2012 they have led a multi-national Church Planting team in Cairo, Egypt that trains team leaders to plant churches across the Arab Muslim world. Dick and Jennifer also serve as Team Leader Overseers for Live Dead Arab World (Middle East and North Africa) Dick and Jennifer have two sons, Luke and Zack.


Stepping Stones: Jesus from the Qur'an to the Bible (MCSM 639, ICST 473)

This course is designed to do three things.  The first is to describe the nature of the Quran.  The second is to highlight both the positive and the negative material on Jesus in the Quran.  And the third is to teach the student how to move the Muslim from the positive material on Christ in the Quran to the full Biblical material on the same subject with a view to leading the Muslim to Christ.



Dr. Don McCurry

Don ministered for 18 years in Pakistan with the Presbyterian Church. Upon returning home, Don taught at Fuller Theological Seminary for seven years. Simultaneously, he founded and directed the Samuel Zwemer Institute of Muslim Studies, now based at Columbia International University. In 1988, Don founded Ministries to Muslims to train Christians around the world in evangelism and church planting among Muslims. He has authored five books on ministry to Muslims.


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