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Course Descriptions: Pastoral Theology & Evangelism

PTH 511 Leading the Congregation to Health and Growth
Develop the insights and skills that enable leaders to provide visionary and transformational leadership that enhances their church’s mission.

PTH 512 Caring for the Congregation
Equip the church to provide the resources needed for meeting the spiritual, personal, emotional and crisis needs of the congregation. Special emphasis will be given to networking with the local resources of the community.

PTH 513 Effective Preaching in the Old Testament
Preach effectively from the Old Testament through accurate biblical interpretation and creative sermon development.

PTH 514 Effective Preaching in the New Testament
Preach effectively from the New Testament through accurate biblical interpretation and creative sermon development.

PTH 515 Effective Teaching and Communication
Develop principles, strategies and methods for enhancing the teaching ministry of the local church.

PTH 516 Contextualizing the Global and Local Mission of the Church
Understand God’s mission mandate and its implications for the world and the local church.

PTH 517 Engaging the Ethical and Social Issues in the 21st Century
This course introduces the ethical and socio-political issues facing the Christian leader in contemporary ministry contexts. Special attention will be given to how the local church can become a prophetic voice for change in its community and an agent of that change.

PTH 520 Contemporary Family Ministry
This course surveys the essential components of marriage and family counseling and parenting skills training. Its objective is to enable the minister, chaplain and family life educator to appropriately conceptualize family relationships and relational problems and to employ effective intervention strategies. Topics include: understanding the marital dyad, building healthy family relationships, and implementing effective parenting techniques. Students become familiar with relevant educational psychology theory to assist them in their ministry. (Approval from the counseling program director required for counseling students .)

PTH 521 Being and Building a Spirit-Led Community
Become a catalyst in enabling personal and corporate spiritual growth.

PTH 522 Identity and Calling of the Spiritual Leader
Study the personal and vocational formation of the Christian leader, with an emphasis on human development, emotional health, interpersonal relationships, vocational calling, ministry vision, values and strength-based leadership.

PTH 528 Vision-Centered Leadership and Management
A thorough examination of church organizational structure with emphasis given to several key management challenges including: planning, team building, developing a clear sense of mission, shared values and visionary leadership. Evaluation of church ministries as it relates to the church budget, the church board and other key issues will also be explored.

PTH 530 Establishing New Churches
A study of the principles and procedures for establishing new churches. This course investigates the biblical basis for and the spiritual, social and cultural dynamics of establishing new congregations. Special attention is given to the role of the Holy Spirit, thorough planning and effective leadership.

PTH 540 Military Chaplaincy
A study of the United States Military Chaplaincy: its history, organization, requirements and religious programs, along with selected issues relating to separation of church and state, nuclear weapons, religious pluralism within the chaplaincies, and related Constitutional issues.

PTH 541 Industrial and Institutional Chaplaincy
A course designed to acquaint the student with the opportunities and responsibilities related to nonmilitary chaplaincy ministry. Attention will be focused upon ministry to individuals within their vocational context, such as found in the industrial and law enforcement settings.

PTH 542/BTH 550 Women in Ministry
A biblical, theological and practical study of the role of women in Christian ministry. Particular attention is given to the ministry of women in the AG.

PTH/MCC 548 Jewish People and the Local Faith Community
(See MCC/PTH 548.)

PTH 549 Small Group Ministry
This course develops a biblical and practical understanding of small groups. It examines principles and guidelines for developing and leading them, as well as models of small group ministries. It provides extensive participatory and leadership experience in various types of small groups. In addition, it evaluates the materials available for small groups and provides training in developing fresh content and customizing existing resources.

PTH 551 Effective Evangelism and Assimilation
A study of our changing cultural landscape and the challenges facing the church within an emerging postmodern context. Emphasis is placed on understanding the unchurched today and how the church can more effectively be a witness, through the application of biblical principles, to reach and assimilate people into the church.

PTH/MSS 552 Approaches to Muslims
(See MSS/PTH 552)

PTH/MCC 556 Field Education Research Project
This course is designed for students pursuing the Master of Divinity , MA in Christian Ministries, or Master of Pastoral Leadership. It requires significant research in biblical and contemporary literature in relation to ministry praxis in a local church or parachurch context. It leads to the production of an integrative, field-based writing project. (Every spring this course will be offered as a seated seminar class, and during the fall and summer semesters it will be available as an online course through the Continuing Education Department.) See Field Education Research Project Manual. Note: This summative course should be taken during the last year of study.

PTH/MSS 557 Christian Ministry in a Muslim Context
(See MSS/PTH 557.)

PTH 557 Spiritual Formation of the Minister
This course is designed to equip ministers to facilitate the process of lifelong spiritual transformation. While spiritual growth is personal in nature, it is enhanced in a context of authentic community. Toward this end, this course will include opportunities for students to explore a variety of avenues capable of leading to holistic, intentional, and ongoing spiritual growth. In addition to classic spiritual disciplines and virtues, students will consider an array of contributions from various streams of the Christian tradition. The model used in this course serves as a starting point from which leaders can tangibly assist others in experiencing authentic transformation.

PTH 558 Journey toward Personal Wholeness
This course examines the process of identity formation and wholeness. Attention will be given to the cultural, familial, intrapsychic, and spiritual dynamics that influence this self-understanding.

PTH 559 Relational Dynamics in Ministry
This course investigates the dynamics of significant relationships in the life of the leader and looks at the skills for developing and maintaining healthy relationships.

PTH/MCC 561 Foundations for Family Ministries and Soul Care
This course will assist in the formation of a developmental framework for whole life discipleship, pastoral counseling, and soul care. This course examines development across the life span conceptualizing human development as a framework for understanding human beings created in the image of God. The life cycle will be utilized as a construct for the development of family life ministries and age appropriate introduction of theological concepts. Family systems thinking, important developmental processes and the major challenges faced at each stage will be examined.

PTH/MCC 565 Interpersonal Helping Techniques with Diverse Populations
This course is designed to be a study of the necessary interpersonal skills in the counseling, coaching, and mentoring relationship. The helping sequence will be examined and specific skills and interventions for each stage will be studied. Special focus will be given to working with diverse populations and cultural implications.

PTH 610 Psychological Disorders and Addictive Behaviors
This course is an overview of the most common psychological disorders seen in ministry with special emphasis on understanding and working with addictive behaviors within family systems and community contexts. Attention is given to preventive strategies with an emphasis on faith-based recovery programs. The referral process and ethical limitation and parameters of pastoral care will be incorporated.

PTH 617 Human Sexuality and Marriage Counseling
This course is an overview of the dynamics of human sexuality and marriage counseling including pre-marital counseling, psycho-sexual development, sexual identity development and common sexual issues that arise in the pastoral counseling process. Attention is given to a theology of sexuality and marriage as it relates to living out Christian values regarding sexuality in contemporary society from a Biblical worldview. The course will assist students to develop an approach to marriage counseling.

PTH 618 Ministry in Trauma, Crisis and Grief Contexts
This course assists pastors, chaplains, counselors and other helping professionals develop a practical theology of trauma, crisis and grief related to biblical, cultural, and psychological insights. It encourages coming to grips with spiritual crisis issues in one’s own life. It helps the student offer pastoral care to people and their families affected by trauma, crisis, terminal illness and bereavement. It provides practical techniques and strategies for ministry in crisis situations.

PTH 619 Practicum in Hospital Ministry
An introduction to hospital pastoral care. Theory and method in pastoral care are integrated within a clinical setting. Students are exposed to critically ill patients, pre- and post-surgical patients, crisis situations and patients’ families. Prereq: Interpersonal Techniques with Diverse Populations (PTH 565) and enrollment or completion of Ministry in Trauma, Crisis and Grief Contexts (PTH 618).

PTH 620 Ministry in Emerging Culture
This course explores the innovations needed to be a missionary to post-Christian America. Leadership arts will be developed to: (1) read and interpret culture; (2) live and communicate cross-culturally; (3) grow organic, missional ministries; (4) learn from emerging ministry models; and (5) live a Pentecostal spirituality in a postmodern context. Sessions are multimedia and interactive.

PTH/THE 622 Communicating Christian Faith in a Pluralistic Society
This course develops a comprehensive understanding of the individual and societal relevance of the gospel in order to enhance its proclamation to the contemporary world. It supports the validity of Christian faith, through evaluation of experiential, scientific, sociological, historical and biblical evidences. It also helps leaders to meaningfully engage contemporary religious and secular worldviews and to respond to major objections to Christianity. Distance Learning (DL) option available.

PTH 624 Leading Change and Revitalizing Ministries
A study of the dynamics of church planning and church growth focusing on the psychological and sociological hindrances to lay participation. Attention is also given to approaches which may assist in the revitalizing of the ministries and growth of the local church that has experienced declining effectiveness.

PTH 631 Culture, Gender & Intercultural Ministry
(See MCC/PTH/THE 631.)

PTH/PCS/BTH 635 The Theology and Practice of Spiritual Gifts
(See BTH/PCS/PTH 635.)

PTH 619 Practicum in Hospital Ministry
An introduction to hospital pastoral care. Theory and method in pastoral care are integrated within a clinical setting. Students are exposed to critically ill patients, pre- and post-surgical patients, crisis situations and patients’ families. Prereq.: Interpersonal Helping Techniques with Diverse Populations (PTH 565) and enrollment/completion of Ministry in Trauma, Crisis and Grief Context (PTH 618) or equivalent.

PTH 638 Practicum in Prison Ministry
An opportunity for the student to be involved in ministry in a correctional institution under the supervision of the prison chaplain. Includes the writing of critical reports and verbatims. Nine months prior approval required to allow for security clearance. Prereq: PTH 565 Interpersonal Helping Techniques with Diverse Populations.

PTH 639 Practicum in Pastoral Ministry
Study under the supervision of a local minister to give the student exposure to the many facets of the pastoral ministry as well as an opportunity to share in that ministry. Prereq: Journey toward Personal Wholeness (PTH 558) or Relational Dynamics in Ministry (PTH 559).

PTH 640 Specialized Studies in Practical Theology
A course offered, as the need arises, to deal with a specific topic or issue in the area of practical theology.

PTH/THE 642 Theology of Prayer
A course designed to study the theological foundation for prayer. There is specific emphasis on both the corporate and private nature of prayer.

PTH/MCC/MHT 643 Anthropology and Communication in Theological Perspective
(See MHT/MCC/PTH 643.)

PTH 644 Teaching Church Practicum
The teaching church practicum involves a two week visit to an AGTS-certified church. Students will be assigned in groups of two-to-four persons to experience the inner workings of highly successful local churches. The centerpiece of the experience will consist of 20 hours of personal contact time with the senior pastor of the church and will also involve activities with staff members and lay leaders of the congregation. The practicum requires a pre-session orientation, completion of assigned readings and the keeping of a journal of the experience. A final paper will be prepared on the basis of the journal, the readings and the activities of the practicum. It will be discussed in a post-session assessment at AGTS.

PTH 646 Practicum in Military Chaplaincy
A supervised field introduction into the work of military chaplaincy. It gives students exposure to many facets of military chaplaincy as well as an opportunity to share in that ministry. It is recommended that PTH 540 be taken before PTH 646. Prereq: By military appointment only.

PTH 650 Building a Disciple-Making Ministry
A thorough study of the process and means involved in developing disciples, based on the model of Jesus and the early Church. This course also provides a holistic examination of the attitudes and actions of a disciple in the areas of spiritual life and service, daily living, relationships and personal growth.

PTH/MSS 651 Dynamics of Mentoring
(See MSS/PTH 651.)

PTH 652 Writing for Ministry and Publication
This hands-on course explores the keys to superior writing—including the development of strong
content, engaging style, creativity and editing skills. Receive critique from peers and instructor on your writing samples. Gain insights for marketing and submitting your work to increase the chances for publication.

PTH 653 Leading Christian Ministries
This course provides students with essential skills for leading ministry. It covers personal and organizational leadership issues.

PTH/MCC 654 Pentecostal Perspectives on Justice, the Church and Society
In this post-Christian culture, much of society finds the church to be ineffective and irrelevant. At the same time, a variety of social problems confront the church, providing church leaders an opportunity to bridge the gap and build healthy networks into their communities. Toward this end, this course aims to cultivate the leader’s appreciation of the church’s social mission in society while avoiding historical extremes. It aims to facilitate a constructive Christian response to contemporary issues confronting the church by examining best practice models. Flowing from theological reflection and ethical thinking, this course will examine ways to facilitate community development within a Christian worldview on a personal, local, regional and global level. Students will be inspired and equipped to make a radical difference in their communities.

PTH 657 Specialized Studies Practicum
This course provides a specialized practicum experience for students who wish to do the field-based learning component of their degree program in a setting not stipulated by the general practicums noted in the catalog.  Under the supervision of a qualified person, approved by the academic dean, the student will perform the duties associated with this specialized environment in a manner consistent with the guidelines for all other practicum experiences. Students in the MDiv program who are required to take 6 practicum credits will be limited to one specialized practicum.

PTH 658 Advanced Pastoral Care and Counseling
This course is intended for pastors, chaplains and family life educators who are preparing themselves to manage the variety of personal and inter-personal adjustments that people in their communities face. It will provide an introduction to the life-cycle approach to ministry and will assist the pastor to make pastoral assessments and referrals for people who are experiencing disruptive psychological crises. It will also provide pastors with an introduction to the literature that deals with some of the most disruptive community issues that have a detrimental effect on the families in their community.

PTH/HIS/MCC 659 The Social Impact of Christianity
(See HIS/MCC/PTH 659.)

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