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Master of Arts in Christian Ministries—Continuting Education Program

The Master of Arts in Christian Ministries (M.A.C.M.) is a 48-hour professional studies degree designed to provide advanced biblical, theological and practical training for individuals who desire to enhance their ministry skills. It equips ministers to become life-long learners and to develop models of personal and professional growth. It differs from the M.Div. degree in that it provides no academic concentration which would prepare students for ongoing graduate degrees at the Ph.D. or D.Min. levels.

M.A.C.M. Degree Components and Requirements

The Continuing Education version of the M.A.C.M. can be completed by any student regardless of the field of their undergraduate degree. Applicants with a strong undergraduate program in religion may petition for Advanced Standing in the program, which could allow them to complete the program with 39 credits. See M.A.C.M. Advanced Standing.

Mission of God and Intercultural Studies (6 credits)

  BTH/MHT 501 The Mission of God in Biblical and Contemporary Contexts 3


Anthropology and Communication in Theological Perspective



Bible and Theology (15 credits)1

Bible Interpretation


One of the following Biblical/Theological studies courses:


BIB 532




BIB 637

Current Issues in Biblical Interpretation



BIB 640

Specialized Themes in Biblical Study

Bible Literature


BNT 530

New Testament Introduction*2 or BNT Book Study


BOT 530

Old Testament Introduction*2 or BOT Book Study


Historical Studies


HIS 532

History and Polity of the Assemblies of God* or HIS Elective




BTH/THE Elective



One of the following:


BTH 530

Old Testament Theology



BTH 532

New Testament Theology


Practical Theology (21 credits)1



One of the following:


HOM 529

Communicating the Message I* or HOM 633



HOM 633

Communicating the Message II* or HOM Elective



PTH 544

Spiritual Formation of the Leader

  PTH 553 Personal Dynamics of Leadership 3


  PTH 554 Relational Dynamics of Leadership 3

PTH 653

Leadership in Ministry


Field Education


PTH 556

Field Education Research Project1


General Electives (6 credits)1,4



1 See M.A.C.M. Advanced Standing guidelines.
2 May be taken through Distance Learning (DL).
3 May only be taken within the last 9 hours of the degree. See Field Education Research Manual.
4 If seeking ministerial credentials with the Assemblies of God, HIS 532 required if not taken at undergraduate level.
* Required course. If the equivalent was taken in an undergraduate program, the alternate course(s) listed in each section may be taken.

M.A.C.M. Advanced Standing

Students who have earned a significant number of credits in religious studies from approved colleges and universities may request exemption from certain required courses in the M.A.C.M. degree program, thus granting them Advanced Standing. Life experience does not qualify for advanced standing. (See registrar for further details.)

The following rules apply to M.A.C.M. Advanced Standing:          

  1. Advanced Standing cannot exceed nine credits.
  2. Advanced Standing is considered for undergraduate courses with satisfactory parallel content, provided the equivalent collegiate courses are double the credit value of the seminary’s courses. A minimum grade of B is required and the student must be able to demonstrate competency in subject matter by presentation of an Advanced Standing Portfolio for each course for which advanced standing is desired. A fee of $50 per course will be charged for each portfolio that is evaluated, regardless of whether or not the advanced standing is granted.
  3. Advanced Standing must be requested prior to enrollment but no later than the end of the student’s first semester of study at AGTS. Requests should be submitted to the Registrar’s Office.
  4. Partial course advanced standing will not be granted.
  5. If the student later takes a course where advanced standing has been granted, the advanced standing would be nullified.
  6. Advanced Standing may be granted for one course from each of the following areas: Bible and Theology (BNT or BOT 530 or THE Elective), Practical Theology (HOM 529 or PTH 554) and General Electives.
  7. In an area where a student demonstrates competency but the criteria preclude Advanced Standing, a substitute course may be allowed if approved by the faculty adviser and the Academic Dean or Registrar.

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