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8-12 months before enrollment is the best time to apply, and students are strongly encouraged to apply no later than 30 days prior to registration.

Nondegree Students

For applicants who do not plan or are not eligible to pursue a master's degree. (12 hours max). Print and submit the following to apply:

Unclassified students may later request reevaluation for admission as a degree seeking student, in which case, credits earned as a nondegree student may apply toward a degree.

College Seniors

For college seniors in good academic standing who desire to take AGTS classes for graduate or nongraduate credit (limited number of hours). Print and submit the following to apply:


Submit the following to apply:

Audited courses cannot be reverted to credit later. Officially audited courses are posted on transcripts.

Unofficial Audit

Spouses of full-time students may unofficially audit one class each semester free of charge (subject to approval of professor and class size). Submit the form entitled "Student Spouse Registration for Unofficial Audit" from the Admissions Office before or during the first week of classes. Unofficially audited courses are not posted on transcripts.

Ministerial Credentialing and Placement

AGTS is not a ministerial credentialing agency. Matriculation does not ensure that credentials will be granted. Contact your local AG district office for further details. How to gain ministerial credentials with the Assemblies of God?

Faculty and administration frequently work directly with church leaders and graduates in securing professional appointments.

Part-time Students

Day, evening, accelerated and module sessions offer a variety of options to the part-time student.

New Student Orientation (NSO)

Who needs to attend? All new resident students. When is it? The beginning of each semester. Purpose? To assist new students in transitioning to seminary life.


Who applies for readmission?

  • Students who have been absent for 2 or more semesters.

What to submit?


AGTS does not require the GRE except in specific cases where further information regarding academic proficiency is requested by the Admissions Committee.

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