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Missionary Alumnus Leads Tsunami Relief Efforts

standing in ruins Hartensveld (right) and missionary Terry Paschal stand in the rubble of a junior high school that lost 20% of its student population. Hartensveld’s team rebuilt this school in May 2006.

Since 1990, Jeff Hartensveld (M.A. 1989) and his wife, Liz, have been missionary church planters in Indonesia—the world’s largest Muslim nation.

helocopterAfter the devastating tsunami hit Indonesia and many parts of Asia in 2004, Indonesia alone lost nearly 200,000 people. Jeff asked God what he should do. “I felt compelled to respond,” says Jeff. “Initially I went up there with AG World Missions Asia Pacific Regional Director Russ Turney (M.A. 1976) to see what we could do. The Indonesian Air Force, along with International Co-operative Alliance, sent several tons of food but it wasn’t enough. During the first week I flew about 30 rescue missions, some on the USS Abraham Lincoln, as a translator. The desperation I witnessed gripped me. Response from the AG around the world was beyond our imagination.

“For the last two years, I have had the opportunity to lead a team that supplies food, temporary survival items and school supplies. We are able to aid in rebuilding livelihoods, provide trauma relief and assist in rebuilding communities. I was once asked, ‘Why haven’t you rebuilt any churches?’ The answer is easy. Before the tsunami there weren’t any in the affected province outside of the provincial capital. We’ve been so privileged these last 21 months to show the kindness and love of Christ. Although I can’t give specifics, we know it is bearing fruit.”

with abu
Abu (right) lost his entire family in the tsunami. Hartensveld is helping him rebuild his home and coffee shop.

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